Lunch Set Starter Salad Grilled
Soup Noodles Entrees Desserts


Spiciness Ratings 1 to 5 stars

8. Som Tum (Papaya Salad)
Shredded green papaya, carrot, green bean, tomato, peanut, fresh garlic and Thai chili, tossed in lime dressing $9.99

9. Yum Woon Sen
Bean thread noodle tossed with prawns and ground pork, cilantro, tomato, peanut, shallot, green onion, and Thai chili in lime dressing $10.99

10. Yum Gai
Grilled chicken salad with cashew nuts, and red onion tossed with lime juice and shrimp paste, sprinkled with lemongrass and kaffir leaf $9.99

11. Yum Neua
Grilled beef salad with cucumber, tomato, mint leaf, red onion, cilantro tossed with lime dressing, served with lettuce $10.99

12. Larb Gai
Ground chicken with lime dressing with lemongrass, kaffir leaf, garlic, mint, green onion, cilantro, served with cabbage wedge $9.99

13. Trout Salad
Deep-fried whole trout with Granny Smith apple, red onion, green onion in lime dressing, garnished with cilantro and mint leaf $14.99

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